Marios Panteliadis Discography 




November 2019

Release of the double CD with Rossini's Quelques Riens pour Album, part of the collection "Sins of old age" (Péchés de vieillesse). The recording was made in 2018 at the Athens Concert Hall, whereas the last 4 tracks ("Highlights") of the 2nd CD were performed at the Pleyel of 1844 owned by the composer himself, live at the Museo Internazionale della Musica in Bologna in a recital in 2018 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Rossini's death. These pieces are part of a vast production of the composer's works written in the last years of his life, the twelfth volume of his "Sins" (a total of over 150 works for piano, chamber music, songs, choir, etc.) and which were published after his death.

Da Vinci Classics :

To interpret Rossini's piano work, because that's what it's all about, giving it body and vigor has always been difficult for any pianist. As they were called by the author himself sins of old age, and in particular the cycle "Quelques riens pour album" are on the one hand an intimate and often amused diary of the brilliant operist, but at the same time they become a sum of compositional ideas, notes, sometimes almost sonata movements, to which the author entrusted compositions and notes of modernity and unique avant-gardeism, often constituting a technical challenge for the interpreter who was faced with works as original in form as they were disruptive in their visionariness. The Greek pianist Marios Panteliadis proposes an idea perfectly placed in the romantic temperament, suggesting to the listener both the modernity of these pages and the dignity of being able to stand beside recognized masterpieces of early nineteenth-century pianism. Recorded entirely at the magnificent Megaron Concert Hall in Athens, Panteliadis proposes, to seal the deep relationship between composer and performer, also four compositions on the piano that belonged to Rossini himself, providing an interesting parallelism between the contemporary sound world and that of yesterday.




September 2021

CD release including Beethoven's Bagatelles Op.33 & 126, Rondos Op.51 No.1 and 2, Rondo a capriccio Op.129, Polonaise Op.89. The Album is centered mainly on small-form works in an attempt to highlight a down-to-earth aspect of the German composer who experimented in superb way on the small dimension. Here, his main image as a Sonata form grand Master, a composer of extensive amount of "big" and "tragic" music is kept aside, whereas small jewels are suggested; lots of humour, lightness together with a notable fantasy, originality and strong personality. The recording was made in 2020 at the Athens Concert Hall.