They have said about him…


Aldo Ciccolini: “A real artist with unquestionable musical qualities...”


 Noel Flores: “An extremely talented and especially interesting musician who reveals to have a clear individual insight of the pieces he plays, giving them a touch of natural freshness and good taste…”


International Piano Magazine: Lovely poetry, authentically smoky resonance..."


Petersfield Post: "An inspired, awesome soloist, whose playing was heroic and spacious..."


Philip Young: "A fine, varied programme, strongly played and with a first-rate soloist."


 Sun Herald-Australia: "His delightful personality assumes musical command while on stage and indeed combines musicality, maturity and poetry in his playing…”


 Sydney Morning Herald: “A grand performer who captivated the audience in his recital…”


 Bondi FM: “The musical layout (of his recital) was intense and the performance electrifying.”